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There is a sort of magic mystery associated with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Part of that effect may arise from the difficulty which most of us have in figuring out how someone can say a few words or make hand movements and cause someone else to do or say things which they would not normally do.

However, once we set about learning how hypnosis works and the hypnotherapy applications are effected then some of the mystery will disappear ... leaving of course the wonderful magic of hypnosis and its many uses. Learn hypnotherapy scripts.

There are many myths which surround the subject of hypnosis and we list some of these. Here are some statements which are made about hypnosis, see if you know or can guess which of the following are true and which are false.

1. Only people of a lower intelligence can be hypnotized
2. Not everyone can be hypnotized
3. Hypnotists need special conditions such as peace and quiet to be able to hypnotize someone.
4. If someone has decided that they are not going to hypnotized then they cannot be hypnotized
5. The only folk who can be hypnotized are folk who go to a hypnotherapist or a stage hypnotist
6. When folk are hypnotized they are completely unaware of what is going on
7. Everyone has a moral code and therefore cannot be hypnotized into doing something that is against their moral code

Incredible as it may sound none of the above are wholly true. The only people who cannot be hypnotized in the standard sense are people who have some serious physical or mental impairment.

Dogs can be hypnotized, farmyard chickens can be hypnotized, even a river trout can be hypnotized on its way up stream!

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There are many applications of hypnosis which can be used to effect therapies and otherwise. Here are some of them:

1. Anxiety removal and confidence building
2. Phobia removal
3. Smoking cessation
4. Weight loss and weight management
5. Stress management
6. Fear of Flying which is a specialist and complex phobia
7. Pain control and management
8. Performance enhancement which can be used to help pass exams, job interviews, public speaking, stage fright et cetera
9. Past life regression and future life progression
10. Accessing psychic communication
11. Battlefield anaesthesia
12. Dental anaesthesia
13. Sex therapy
14. Stage hypnosis
15. Relaxation development

The above are just some of the many useful applications of this wonderful and natural part of life we call hypnosis.

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